Plaza Maule – Christmas AR

Plaza Maule – Christmas AR

Augmented Reality Experience that seeks to attract traffic to events and malls with an experience that allows the user to interact with various characters on the screen, seeing themselves projected on the screen.

The experience has 4 interactions:

  • Santa World: There you will see Santa Claus (Santa Claus) and his reindeer enter and exit the screen, you can share the screen and take pictures with these characters.
  • Snowball battle: You will be able to throw snowballs at the mocking elves who are also throwing snowballs at you.
  • Dance with Santa: Santa will appear dancing with his elves and you can join him in a dance challenge.
  • Capture Candy Canes: Minigame with up to 4 participants that with motion capture are automatically captured on screen as a player with moose antlers and a basket to capture the candy canes that fall through the air, the first to reach 20 canes wins and the experience restarts from the first experience.

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Christmas Augmented Reallity


Augmented Reallity, AR, Games, Motion Tracking, Body Tracking, Kinect.


Plaza Maule - Chile


AR - VR, Creative, Games


27 junio, 2017