Learn with Alex Astro

Learn with Alex Astro

In this augmented reality (AR) game, players take on the role of a curious and adventurous kid who has crash-landed on a strange planet far from home. As they explore the alien world, they are introduced to a group of friendly and welcoming aliens who teach them valuable life lessons and instill good habits.

The game offers a variety of learning values, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and environmental awareness. Players must use their skills to navigate through the planet’s various challenges, like collecting resources and building shelter, all while respecting the planet’s fragile ecosystem.

Through interacting with the aliens and environment, players also learn about cultural diversity and empathy. They learn to appreciate and respect different customs and traditions, while also learning to communicate and collaborate with those who are different from themselves.

The game also reinforces good habits, such as responsible decision-making, kindness, and teamwork. As players progress through the game, they are encouraged to make choices that benefit themselves and their alien friends, and to work together to achieve common goals.

With its engaging characters, stunning visuals, and educational gameplay, this AR game offers a fun and immersive way for kids to learn important values and develop positive habits. Whether they are discovering the wonders of an alien planet or learning important life skills, players are sure to have a great time while gaining valuable knowledge and experiences.


Gaming, Augmented Reality, Kids, Adventure


Mole, Fulaki


Creative, Design, Games


27 junio, 2017